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EVM Chains

Shuttle currently only supports Injective, when setting your providers you can configure which networks are enabled for that specific provider by sending in a network object like the one bellow (example with Injective).

import {
} from "@delphi-labs/shuttle";
import { bech32 } from "bech32";
import { Address } from "ethereumjs-util";
const INJECTIVE_MAINNET: Network = {
name: "Injective Mainnet",
chainId: "injective-1",
chainPrefix: "inj",
rpc: "",
rest: "",
defaultCurrency: {
coinDenom: "INJ",
coinMinimalDenom: "inj",
coinDecimals: 18,
coinGeckoId: "injective",
gasPrice: "0.0005inj",
evm: {
deriveCosmosAddress: (ethAddress: string): string => {
const addressBuffer = Address.fromString(
return bech32.encode("inj", bech32.toWords(addressBuffer));
fromEthChainToCosmosChain: (chainId: number): string => {
return fromInjectiveEthereumChainToCosmosChain(chainId);

As you can notice, evm chains require an extra configuration object evm, this is so that Shuttle can connect to Metamask and similar wallets.

For more information on all network configuration options, check this page.