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Defines the network configuration object:

type Network = {
name: string;
chainId: string;
chainPrefix?: string;
rpc: string;
rest: string;
gasPrice?: string;
bip44?: BIP44;
defaultCurrency?: NetworkCurrency;
stakeCurrency?: NetworkCurrency;
feeCurrencies?: NetworkCurrency[];
features?: string[];
bech32Config?: Bech32Config;
evm?: {
deriveCosmosAddress: (address: string) => string;
fromEthChainToCosmosChain: (chainId: number) => string;

stakeCurrency, feeCurrencies

If you don't provide a currency configuration, defaultCurrency will be used to configure all other currency types. If a defaultCurrency is not provided, the wallet provider's default will be used.


If you don't provide a bech32Config, one will be generated for you based on the chainPrefix. If a chainPrefix default is not provided, the wallet provider's default will be used.


If you don't define the evm configuration, the network will not support the evm compatbile features.


Defines the bech32 configuration object:

export type Bech32Config = {
bech32PrefixAccAddr: string;
bech32PrefixAccPub: string;
bech32PrefixValAddr: string;
bech32PrefixValPub: string;
bech32PrefixConsAddr: string;
bech32PrefixConsPub: string;


Defines the bip44 configuration object:

export type BIP44 = {
coinType: number;


Defines the network currency configuration object:

export type NetworkCurrency = {
coinDenom: string;
coinMinimalDenom: string;
coinDecimals: number;
coinGeckoId?: string;
gasPriceStep?: {
low: number;
average: number;
high: number;