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Extension Wallets

The extension wallet providers are responsible for connecting your dApp with the wallet browser extension available.

When configuring Shuttle with your extension providers, set it up as follows (example with KeplrProvider):

import { KeplrProvider } from "@delphi-labs/shuttle";
import { MAINNET, TESTNET } from "./networks";
const providers = [
new KeplrProvider({
networks: [MAINNET, TESTNET],
// ...

For more information on all wallet provider arguments, check this page.

Supported extension providers‚Äč

  • CosmostationProvider
  • FalconProvider (only supports Terra)
  • KeplrProvider
  • LeapCosmosProvider
  • LeapTerraProvider (only supports Terra)
  • MetamaskProvider (only supports Injective)
  • TerraStationProvider
  • XDefiProvider (only supports Terra)
  • XDEFICosmosProvider